And on the 4th day we rest

So today was a rest day. I wanted to talk a little about resting (doing nothing) and active recovery (doing something). Neither are wrong and really you should listen to your body. If you’ve had a tough week of workouts and a stressful work week, then maybe you should take a full rest day so you can really let your body and mind recover. On the other hand, if you are feeling great all week and your workouts seem to be giving you more and more energy, then great, but you do need to let your body “rest.” You can still do something active, which will help work out the lactic acid built up in your muscles and help any soreness go away faster. I am not saying do another intense workout — not at all. I am saying do something like a hike, a short run, or a nice easy bike ride. Do something that you enjoy or have been wanting to try, like paddle boarding, kayaking, or rock climbing. These would all be great active recovery days. Plus you get to “harvest” your fitness and put to use all those muscles we have been building and working on. So have fun, rest, recover, and get ready for 3 more days of tough workouts.

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