September News and Events

Summer was short… but we’re going to make the best of the chilly weather!! It does mean delicious dark brews and things made with apples and pumpkins… sooooo not ALL bad!


Huge Incoming Start Strong Class

Don’t be alarmed!!!

Those 7am and 7pm classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be packed, along with the 8am on Saturday. Just a heads-up! Please be welcoming and encouraging. All these folks are new to CrossFit and are working hard to make positive changes in their lives.

LAST Boot Camp of 2016 starts Oct 8

World’s Best Boot Camp takes place at SODO CrossFit. This camp will graduate the week before Thanksgiving and is the LAST camp of 2016. Tell your friends to get in now! (206-651-4874)


And now…

September events:

Monday 9/5 — Labor Day. Two classes: 8am and 9am and Open Gym 10am-noon.

Sunday 9/11, 10am — Apple Picking! Family-friendly outing with SODO CrossFit. 🙂

32260 Burrese Rd.
Sedro Woolley, Wa 98284

Plan to stop at Skagit River Brewery after (404 S 3rd St, Mt Vernon) for burgers and beers!

Saturday 9/24, 11amWBBC Bring a Friend Day!!

August News and Events

Hi! Happy summer (finally)!! In honor of the weather, see below for a fun workout surprise later this month!!


The Everyday Better Project — curious?!?!

Darrick will be putting on a seminar Saturday, September 3 specifically for those of you who want to know more, but aren’t 100% certain this program is for you. At the seminar, you’ll learn how to determine your macro-nutrient needs, as well as get an overview of the 5 steps of the program.

$20 (free to current EvBe members who would like a little in-person support!)

Check out the program here!

Stay tuned for more details and a link to sign up.

And now…

August events:



Tuesday 8/2, 7am and 7pm — First day of Start Strong!

Sunday 8/14, all day — Elysian Games team comp … a team from SODO and a team from RE will be competing! Come cheer us on!!

Thursday 8/18, 7pm — Happy Hour @ Raconteur (downstairs in the bar). Swing by when you can!

Saturday 8/27, 10am — Swim WOD!!!!! At the south end of Seward Park. (This will be the ONLY WOD that day besides 8am Start Strong and Open Gym 11am-1pm)

Saturday 8/27, 8am — Start Strong Graduation!

Saturday 9/3 — Everyday Better Nutrition Seminar @ CFRE, time TBD

July Athlete of the Month

Dan is one of our fiercest supporters. Despite a battle with RA, he comes in consistently and always works hard, with a smile. He deep cleans the gym once a week (thank you!), he represents us at local business meetings (2-hour parking anyone?!?!), and he loves and encourages each and every person he comes in contact with. We appreciate you SO MUCH!!!


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Happy 4th! July News and Events

Hey all! Hope you’re having an amazing summer so far!

Here are some reminders on our new classes/schedule:


Clarification: You don’t have to already be a comp athlete to join this class. You simply have to be ready to come in and freaking hustle. It’s not open gym — it’s a chance to get that fast-paced, high-intensity workout you may not experience during regular classes. You can still scale the weights and movements. It’s simply a chance to really pack that hour full of hard work!!

Wednesday, 8 p.m. at CFRE
Saturday, 8 a.m. at SODO CrossFit

Athletes from either gym can attend either Firebreather class.

New Open Gym Times

We’re now offering open gym Monday through Friday, 9am-noon!

The Everyday Better Project is up and running!

Our goal with this project is to help people get from A to Z (i.e., couch to CrossFit) with gradual steps, including fitness and nutrition. The program can be done remotely, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please share!

The nutrition part of the program is also extremely beneficial for CrossFitters looking to gain a bit more control regarding weight loss, strength gain, and maintenance. Check it out here!

And now…

June events:


Sunday 7/3 — Regular schedule

Monday 7/4 — Fourth of July! ONE class @ 10am

Sunday 7/10First EVER comp hosted by SODO CrossFit. Kind of a big deal. 🙂

Members get a discounted rate (only $50) through the end of TODAY, July 1… that’s one MORE day! Use discount code MemberMFGT when you check out.

Friday 7/22 — Happy Hour! Location TBD

June Athlete of the Month

Right away, Taylor fit into the CFRE community (specifically the 5:30 class) like a missing puzzle piece. She has always listened carefully to the coaches’ instructions and because of that has made some serious gainz in no time at all. She’s crushing the hell out of her deadlift, and I’m sure she’ll have that pull-up in no time!


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What’s up

There is some awesome stuff happening this month!


We added a brand-new class! The Firebreather class is for CrossFitters who regularly perform Rx workouts, are comfortable working out with little coaching, and are ready to take it to the next level. We will be working on high-level skills like muscle-ups and handstand walks, as well as crushing comp-level workouts.

Wednesday, 7 p.m. at CFRE
Saturday, 8 a.m. at SODO CrossFit


Athletes from either gym can attend either class … make sure you have a waiver on file at the respective gym!

The launch of the Everyday Better Project

We just launched a big project that’s been in the making for months. The idea behind the Everyday Better Project is to help people get from A to Z (in our case, from couch to CrossFit) with gradual steps, including both fitness and nutrition. The program can be done remotely, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please share!

The EvBe nutrition program is also beneficial for CrossFitters looking to gain a bit more control regarding weight loss, strength gain, and maintenance. Check it out here!

And now…

June events:


Saturday 6/4 — World’s Best Boot Camp Bring a Friend Day at SODO CrossFit (Please invite people to the Facebook event if you know anyone interested in trying it out!)

Friday 6/17 — Friday Night Lights presents Bar Wars!!!!

Sunday 6/19 — Father’s Day. Treat your dads!

Saturday 6/25 — WBBC Troop 17 Enlistment day. Please send us people who want to get in shape, but aren’t quite ready for CrossFit. 🙂

May Athlete of the Month

All the coaches agree that Desirae is amazing — She consistently shows up (to the earliest class of the day!), smiles, and has fun. Watching her progress has been SO exciting (50lb deadlift PR, anyone???) Desirae also shows up to all the events, always looking fabulous, and in general makes everything more awesome than it would have been without her. Thanks for being part of the fam, Desirae. 🙂


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1/3 of 2016 is over…


But there’s some fun stuff happening in May, so that’s good!!

May events:

Sunday 5/8 — Mother’s Day. Spoil yer moms.

Friday-Sunday 5/20-22CrossFit Games West Regional
It will be fun! You should come! Plan a trip with other members here.


Monday 5/30 — Memorial Day and MURPH Hero WOD, starting at 9am
We will set up “heats” so that we have enough space for everyone. Look for sign-up sheets in the gym as the date nears!

If you’re interested in official registration to raise money for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation, register here.

BBQ after!! Bring meat to grill and beverages to drink.