March Happenings!

March is here, which means the CrossFit Open has begun!  Everyone did really well on 15.1.  Four more weeks of excitement to go!  Please make your best effort to make it to class on Friday.  We are purposely scheduling in the Open WODs to allow everyone a chance to complete the workout.  If you cannot make it on Fridays or need to re-do a given workout, please contact your coaches and discuss their availability.  Please be respectful of your coaches time.  Primary options are always Fridays when the Open WODs are scheduled, followed by open gym times.

Other events:

3/7 – Dr. Ross is hosting a Nutrition Talk at SODO @11:15.  Free to members, $20 for non-members.

3/18 – WOD + Wine @ RE.  Come to the 7 pm class and stay for a glass of wine – on us!  Its the mid week hump day and a bit of relaxation is always a good thing.

Spartan Sunday – Our March Spartan Sunday needs a lead!  If you are passionate about a sport and want to lead a group for a Sunday morning/afternoon adventure, please email me with your idea!

March Member of the Month:

Brian Webber, a.k.a. B. Webb!  We love B. Webb because he is funny, and positive, and strong, and encouraging, and he works hard and…Brian is just an all around good guy!  Give him a high-five next time you see him!


February Happenings!

Happy February!  Love is in the air…gym love, that is!  Darrick has inspired some gym love with his story of becoming a gym owner and what got him there.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here:  We have a short month ahead so I’ll cut right to the good stuff:

2/16 – Test week begins!  Post-Hatch cycle and pre-CrossFit Open, this week will be chock full of benchmark WOD’s to tackle and essential lifts to test your personal records (PR).  We do this every few months and it is AWESOME.  Record your times/weights to see your progress and for future reference.

2/21 – USAPL Washington State Powerlifting Championships are at the Royal Esquire Club.  Our very own Abbey Moon, Emily Silgard and Hannah McHugh are competing for general awesomeness and new State & American Records!

2/22 – Spartan Sunday Paintball is happening!  Meet at RE at 8am to carpool or 9am at the paintball field KC Crusaders.  Challenge your fitness in a whole new way!  This will definitely get your blood pumping.

2/26 – CrossFit Open begins!  WODs will be announced Thursday and be programmed the following day all 5 weeks of the Open.  Haven’t done a competition before?  Good, sign up.  Seasoned veteran?  Good, sign up.  CrossFit isn’t “your sport”, it’s just for fitness?  Good, sign up.  Whatever your level of CrossFit experience, it cannot be argued that the CrossFit Open is a great way to test your abilities, motivate you to learn some new movements, and bring the greater international CrossFit community a bit closer to home.  We can always use help judging too so take the judges course (yes, you can still compete and be a judge).

A few things needing some attention/refreshing:

  • Our gym rules are our backbone.  All of us have not followed the rules at one time or another.  All of us could do better to remind ourselves of the rules and why we have them.
    1. Leave your ego at the door.
    2. Don’t drop naked bars (or bars with plates smaller than 15s) or kettlebells.
    3. Do not put away equipment until everyone has finished the WOD.
    4. Don’t leave until everyone has finished – stay and cheer each other on.  We’re all part of this community.
    5. Always squat below parallel – if you have to ask, the answer is yes, lower.
    6. Keep the gym clean.  Wipe up fluids, spray down equipment, and put things back where you found them.
    7. Don’t stand or walk in someone’s line of sight while they are lifting, especially heavy weights.  It’s a safety concern.
    8. Show up on time and have fun!
    9. Listen to your coaches & respect your body.
    10. ALWAYS remember: Technique, Consistency, Intensity – in that order.
  • You have probably seen the new compost bins.  Just like at your home, we are subject to the Ban Ordinances on recyclables and compostables in garbage bins.  This includes paper towels, which belong in the compost bins.
  • We apologize for any trouble you may have experienced with “an unsigned document” or digital waiver preventing you from signing in.  We will have everyone sign this digital waiver to be a bit more green, and to get rid of that pesky alert.  Keep an eye out for that in the next couple weeks.
  • Please remember which RE Facebook page is for member communication (CrossFit RE gym page) and which is the outward facing, public page (Rugged Elite/CrossFit RE) and post accordingly.

February Member of the Month:

Joan Kleinberg!  Joan has made some major health and strength gains in the past few months and is a total inspiration!  She has been in for evening classes (5 days in a row, recently), she comes in on the weekend to deadlift, she wants to make it to Barbell Club, and on and on.  Now, Joan is obviously dedicated, but she is also completely humble and is easy to smile.  Thanks Joan for doing so much for yourself, and for doing it with us at RE!


What’s Up 2015?! January Happenings:

Happy New Year!

2014 was great.  Let’s make 2015 even more awesome.  Here are a few ways to start:

1/4 – Rugged Elite Barbell Club begins!  We are excited to announce the start of our Barbell Club which will take place every Sunday at RE from 10 am to noon.  The club is free and open to all current RE and SODO members.  This is a great chance to focus on Olympic Weightlifting technique and accessory work, through Outlaw Barbell programming.

1/5 – CrossFit RE Mom’s Class begins!  We are now offering a Mom’s Class membership and punch card allowing members to work out while we provide childcare!  This is a one of a kind opportunity for moms and soon to be moms in the Seattle area.  Details can be found here:

1/17 – the Whole life Challenge, the game that “changes your whole life” begins again on the 17th!  This is a great way to start the new year.  The game format and having the Rugged Elite team to hold you accountable will allow you to break some old habits, form some healthier ones, and get great results.  Sign up if you have not already!

1/25 – Spartan Sunday Snowshoeing!  It is cold.  Why not warm up with some good ol’ fashioned hoofing it?  We plan to donate to the YMCA’s Youth Outdoor Leadership program in exchange for equipment.  Keep an eye out for more info via Facebook event.

January Member of the Month:

Brendan Camarda is a CrossFit RE OG!  Brendan trains with us to strengthen and crush cycling challenges such as the RSVP, STP and Ramrod.  He is always consistent and always puts in a great effort.  He also never complains….even on the days when we coaches might be a little too “ra! ra!” for his taste.  :)  Thanks for being awesome, Brendan!


December Happenings!

It is the last month of the year and we plan to make it a great one! Check out what is happening this month:

12/6 – Three RE athletes are competing in the Christmas Throwdown at South Seattle CrossFit! The comp is from 8 am – 5 pm so stop by any time and cheer them on!

12/12 – Rainbow Bingo at the South Seattle Senior Center, 6:30 pm. If the jello shots aren’t enough to get you there, how about an ugly sweater contest?! This sells out fast so buy your ticket here

12/13 – Rugged Elite Holiday Party at CrossFit RE, 7pm! Both SODO CrossFit and CrossFit RE have been invited to celebrate the end to a great year! Dress up, hang out, eat delicious food, drink wine & gluten free beer, and exchange gifts!

12/28 – Spartan Sunday, Seattle Bouldering Project, time to be determined. It’s time to spartan up again. Test your grip strength, confront your fear of heights, or check your mental fortitude on the walls at Seattle Bouldering Project. Event with details will be posted to Facebook.

Holiday Hours:
12/24 – Regular schedule through noon class
12/25 – Closed. Merry Christmas!
12/26 – all regularly scheduled classes
12/31 – Regular schedule through noon class
1/1 – Closed.  Happy New Year!

December Member of the Month:
Say hello to Stephanie Jensen!  Steph is consistent and has a knack for committing and getting work done – all with a positive attitude.  I don’t think I have ever heard her complain even when plagued by a wrist injury or when her hips kept her from squatting.  We love having Stephanie as part of our community and can’t wait to see what she will do in the coming year!  Congrats, Steph!


November Happenings!

Hey Everyone!

Can you believe it is November already? I hope you all had a great Halloween and weekend to follow. The fun is only just beginning. We have an awesome month ahead! Before we get into November events and such, I want to congratulate Josh Whelan for a close to perfect attendance record in October thus winning the October Sign-in Challenge! Josh will receive a free month of unlimited CrossFit. Way to go, Josh!

Our November Member of the Month is actually a trio of men. All three are strong, funny and inspirational men that have been with Darrick and CrossFit RE since the garage gym – Damon Smith, Andy Cantor and Josh Parks! We chose these three for a number of reasons. They are modest despite their marked physical and mental strengths. They show respect for their bodies when faced with injury. They challenge themselves to tackle grueling WODs, persevere when it gets tough, and encourage and inspire you to do the same. We can say for sure that Andy, Damon & Josh are a valued and important part of the RE community. Thanks guys!!
November Members of the Month

11/11 – Hero WOD in remembrance of those who have served our country. All classes open.

11/16 – Our first ever Spartan Sunday, Tiger Mountain at 10am. Details to follow via Facebook. Spartan Sundays are a once a month event designed to push our limits, try new things, and prove our general badassery. We will be taking suggestions and hope to have Spartan Sunday Specialists for each who can lead us in the event.

11/21 – Cornucopia Cup run though and set up, 10am. No noon or evening Classes. We’ll be going over movement standards so judges should pencil this in. Details to be posted in Facebook event.

11/22 – 2nd Annual Cornucopia Cup, 9am. There are still plenty of spots available in the Men’s Beginner division. Don’t be shy, sign up! The after party is at The Oak on Beacon Hill at 5pm. Come hang out, relax, and get your grub on.

11/27 – Thanksgiving Day WOD, 8am. There will only be one WOD this day. Family and friends welcome!

11/28 – Gym closed on Black Friday. Enjoy!

Fun times!


Personal Defense Workshop

June 28th 12–4p.m. at CrossFit RE

Ages 13 and up
Class is limited to 30 participants

Sign up here

Topics Include:
Identifying threats
Avoidance tactics
Verbal boundaries
Physical boundaries
Understanding and embracing innate physiological responses
The three things an attacker wants
The three things an attacker wants to avoid
Legal and moral issues
Fear management skills
Psychology of intimidation
Power of indignation
How to write your personal directive
3 golden rules

Led by Butch Trail
Jujutsu Black Belt
Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor
Personal Defense Readiness Coach
Rape Aggression Defense Instructor
BSc Social Psychology
MA Security Management

Who needs this stuff?

The Injury Prevention and Nutrition Class this weekend, who should come and why is it important?


Were you surprised or disappointed by your bod pod results?

Have you been doing a CrossFit for a few months or more and your not seeing the results (fat loss or PR’s) as quickly as you like?

Are you new to CrossFit and want or need a plan that is tangible, sustainable and will make you stronger, more durable, trackable and start you losing fat and building muscle?

Do you want to start competing in local throw downs…and kill it?

Are you constantly getting little tidbits about nutrition and diet and you are wondering how the hell it all goes together?

Are you tired of little injuries that sideline you for days or weeks at a time?

Are you active outside of the gym and want to know how to hit a peak for your sport specific season?

Are you currently injured and want to know how to start your own “rehab” the right way?

Do you ever not do something because you are scared of injuring yourself?


Well then get signed up for the injury prevention and nutrition class at CrossFit RE with Dr. Mike Ross and Darrick Bourgeois. Click here!!!

So much happening!!

There are so many things coming up at CrossFit RE!!
First off we have decided to take part in the Whole Life Challenge! It is a nutrition, fitness, lifestyle challenge that is going to be amazing and I can only assume that everyone who does it will be a different person in 8 weeks. If you missed my blog post on it you can read it here. It looks like a great way to kick start into 2014 and get some goals set. The only thing is is that you have to sign up by the 11th! That is this Saturday!! We will be having a little launch “party” at the gym this Saturday at the 9am class (yes also a test WOD). So if you sign up, try to make it to that as well.
Then stay after for our Seahawks playoff game! We will be watching the Seahawks kill the Saints at 1:30 at the gym, so remember to wear your blue and green. Bring something to drink and side to share if you can.
Also this weekend we will have having our first Open Gym times! They are from 10am-12 noon 7 DAYS A WEEK, and are for members only. At this time we can’t have anyone coming in to “try out crossfit” during the open gym for safety reasons. The open gym is a great time to work on skill work (double unders, handstands, pull ups, etc), strength work (deadlifts, backsquats..etc), or make up your own WOD with equipment we don’t use much (rowers, kegs, weight vest, rope climbs). So take advantage of it!!
Lastly we will be having a mobile Bod Pod truck coming by on the 16th to test body composition (body fat, bone density, water weight). This is a great way to get some very valuable numbers on your body if you are looking to make a change in lean muscle mass or just lose fat. We will send out another email later on how to sign up for times slots and what the cost will be.
Hopefully I will see most of you this weekend either at class, getting measured for WLC or watching the Seahawks game.


Deadlifts 5×5@80%



3 Rounds

10 Thrusters (135,95)

10 Ring Push Ups


Everyday Better

Darrick Bourgeois


Take the Challenge!

Take the Challenge!

“The Whole Life Challenge is different from other challenges; it is not designed for perfection. It is designed to create awareness.” We at CrossFit RE love that word — awareness. Know the ingredients in your meals. Understand how mobility will help your body move better. Watch your body change as you become part of the CrossFit community.

This challenge sets up rules to follow relating to nutrition, exercise, and mobility. “‘Break’ the rules a little and you will see little overall impact. There are actually enough opportunities to earn bonus points in the challenge that breaking the rules a little can literally have no impact whatsoever on a player’s overall ranking on the leaderboard! … Break the rules a lot and there aren’t enough ‘positive’ actions you can take to reverse them.”

Sounds a lot like life, doesn’t it? 2014 sounds like a great year to create new habits. Let’s set some goals and crush the hell out of them.



Front Squats 3×5 @80%



50 Overhead Squats (95,65)
50 Wall Balls
EMOM 50m Shuttle sprint


Everyday Better

Darrick Bourgeois

The night before…

Cornucopia Cup is tomorrow!! So no classes obviously but come by and cheer on your fellow CrossFitters! We can also use some more judges so if you are available all day, then be at the gym no later than 9am tomorrow to help out. Otherwise all competitors can start checking in at 8:30 and the first WOD will be at 9:30. After the competition we will be having a celebration at the Union Bar in Hillman City at 5 pm, so go home, shower, and come out and drink and be merry.

Here is the day’s schedule:

Check in starts at 8:30
Orientation – 9:10
Standards and Warm up WOD1 – 9:15
Women Beginner WOD 1 – 9:30
Men Beginner WOD1 – 9:45
Women RX WOD 1 – 10:00
Men RX WOD 1 – 10:15
Standards and Warm up WOD2 – 10:30
Women Beginner WOD 2 – 10:45
Men Beginner WOD 2 – 11:05
Women RX WOD 2 – 11:25
Men RX WOD 2 – 11:45
Break or catch up 12 – 12:45
Standards and warmup WOD3 – 1:05 
Women Beginner WOD 3 – 1:20
Men Beginner WOD 3 – 1:35
Women RX WOD 3 – 1:50
Men RX WOD 3 – 2:05
Awards – 2:45
Union Bar Celebration – 5

I might play this before the first WOD…

See you all tomorrow!!
Everyday Better
Darrick Bourgeois