Get to know our newest coaches!

Our newest staff at CrossFit RE spill the beans.

  1. What work do you do besides coaching CF? (Or what has been your primary work in your life?)
  2. If you had two weeks off, what would you do?
  3. What’s the best nickname you’ve ever been given?
  4. What would people be surprised to learn about you?
  5. What’s your favorite thing to do in Seattle?

Jude Ovalles

  1. I work for Apple Retail. I handle the Operations for the Bellevue Square Store.
  2. For two weeks or more, I’d love to immerse myself in a small town in Europe, get to know the locals. I’d learn everything I could about their daily lives, especially the food!
  3. Jughead from the Archie Comics. My brother in-law said I sometimes look like him.
  4. I was raised on the island of Guam or that I was flight attendant.
  5. I love to find new places with great food with my love!

Todd Stone

  1. Crossfit and naps, haha
  2. If I had two weeks off, I’d travel to Thailand, find an underground fight ring and bet on Jean-Claude Van Damme to win it all 🇺🇸
  3. Up until I moved to Seattle, everyone used to just call me by my last name, Stone
  4. I really like puppies and penguins
  5. I love going to marination ma kai then going to Alki for bonfires and spike ball

Aryn Stone

  1. Currently work at Porch where I am a Strategic Account Manager.
  2. With two weeks off I would fly to Spokane with Todd and visit my family for 3 days then take off to Thailand!
  3. Schatzy (sounds like shotzie – my maiden name)
  4. I was on a hip hop dance team in college called After Choir Flava (it use to meet after Gospel Choir)
  5. Favorite thing to do in Seattle is eat at New Luck Toy then go comb the beach for beach glass with Todd!

Eric Deeter

  1. Mostly teaching and training in the tech world.
  2. Go back to Europe
  3. Deets McGee
  4. That I love washing machines and dishwashers
  5. Eat and go to restaurants.

Phil Cowen

  1. I am a personal trainer for the Seattle athletic club. I also coach for Elliott bay CrossFit in belltown.
  2. I love the Oregon coast and road trips. So ideally a long drive down highway one with some friends. And of course some CrossFit 🙂
  3. Me and my twin brother were very competitive wrestlers. On our nationals team we got the nicknames “fried rice” and “chow mein”. It has stuck.
  4. Most people think it’s surprising I like country music.
  5. I am a big foodie, so eating out at new restaurants with friends.

Dylan Pierce

  1. Army Infantry
  2. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been
  3. D
  4. I love cats. Like crazy cat lady love.
  5. In Seattle I love to eat out and try out all the different delicious restaurants.

Taylor English

  1. I stay home with the kids. Before that I was a chef.
  2. I’d probably go to Italy or work on turning the front yard into more garden space.
  3. Tunyer (pronounced toon-yehr) The first time my name got put on a menu, all the servers ran back to the kitchen and asked what the P stood for and before I could answer, my chef said “petunia.” And since they’re super southern, that devolved into Tunyer.
  4. That I have a masters in cognitive psychology.
  5. Go camping!!

Phoebi Crawford

  1. I’ve primarily been a CF coach, florist (still do when asked), and stay at home mom.
  2. Hang out with my family or go to Hawaii, or train around Europe.
  3. Everybody eventually calls me Pheebs.
  4. I was the 4H square dance champion in 4th grade; I went to 30+ schools before I graduated HS, but I went on to graduate with honors in college; I have 19 years clean.
  5. Hang out with my family and watch TV, LOL.

May News and Events


New back-end coming!


We will be switching our back-end system from ZenPlanner to Triib. This is exciting for us, but also for YOU! Here are some of the features that will make your life easier:

  • WOD and PR tracking! Booya!!! Worth it right there. 🙂
  • Be able to CHECK-IN to BOTH locations!! I know that has been confusing for everyone.
  • Class viewing and registration, profile management, product purchases, alerts, community blog, and commenting – all from the apps.
  • Self-service class check-ins and product purchases from the kiosk.
  • View the day’s top community scores on the website, digital whiteboard, or app, all with community commenting.
  • Class Calendar: you can see which classes are available, who’s coaching, and who has already signed up.

Because we cannot transfer credit card info, we will need to get that from each of you sometime in the month of May. However, this should be simple because the member side of this program is amazing!

ALSO, we will be giving a FREE t-shirt with an EXCLUSIVE design to those of you who allow us to bill you through EFT/checking. That will save us potentially hundreds of dollars in processing fees per month … so more money for fun new equipment! 😉

More details to come in the next couple weeks!


We are on the lookout for other proteins to offer. We love Driven, but want to make sure we are offering exactly what you guys want!!

Please visit the Facebook Group and look for the post pinned to the top — it’s a survey on what you’re looking for when it comes to protein.

Also, SFH: Stronger Faster Healthier will be on site next week at both locations to give samples:

Monday, May 1 at Columbia city: Every class EXCEPT noon.
Tuesday, May 2 at SODO: 12:15pm and after.

Pre-ordered Apparel is in!

I just picked it up at 4:15 p.m. today (Friday). We’ll distribute ASAP!!

Tell us what you think!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Upcoming Events:

Saturday 4/29, 3 p.m.: Bouldering! Info and RSVP here.

Sunday 4/30, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Columbia City: Bridge 2 Beach cleanup. Help weed and pick up trash in the few blocks around the gym. Also meet nearby business owners and community members. There should also be donuts. 🙂 Meet any time after 8 a.m. at the gym. Will go until approximately 1 p.m.

Monday 5/1 at Columbia city: SFH giving samples at every class EXCEPT noon.

Tuesday 5/2 at SODO: SFH giving samples at every class from 12:15 p.m. on.

Saturday 5/6, 8-10 a.m. at Columbia City: Start Strong Graduation!!! … NO 9 a.m. CROSSFIT CLASS!!! If you show up, it’ll be a 5k run.

Tuesday 5/9 at Columbia City: Fundamentals Classes begin again and will run through June 3. Tuesday/Thursday, 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Sat 8 a.m. (More info here.)

Friday 5/12, 6 p.m.: Happy Hour at Raconteur! More info to follow! (Mark your calendar.)

Sunday 5/14: Mother’s Day — that’s your friendly reminder to buy flowers.

Monday 5/29: Memorial Day — Murph Hero WOD and BBQ. More info to follow! (Mark your calendar.)

April News and Events


New Coaching Staff

Thank you for helping us welcome Jude to the team! Hope you have a chance to get to know him more in the coming weeks and months. If you haven’t met him, here he is!

We’re bringing in one more new coach starting next week. His name is Todd Stone and he comes to us with a ton of CrossFit experience. You may remember him from the Cornucopia Cup, as well. 😉 I know he’ll be a wonderful addition to our team!

New Class Time at Columbia City

Reminder that there is now a 6:30 a.m. Saturday class at the Columbia City location! It’s fun to see so many of you already taking advantage of that!

See the revised Columbia City class schedule here.

We want your feedback!

We wanted to create a way for you guys to give us feedback whenever you’d like. Think of this as an online “suggestion” box! I’ll repost each month so you always have a place to share your thoughts. 🙂

Give us your feedback here!

April Events:

Saturday 4/8 » Boot Camp Graduation Day (NO noon MetCon class at SODO!!!)

Friday 4/14, 6 p.m. » Happy Hour @ Super Six Info and RSVP here.

Sunday 4/16 » Happy Easter — BOTH LOCATIONS CLOSED

Saturday 4/29, 3:30-6:30 p.m. » Bouldering outing! For our first official active rest day, we’re headed 10 minutess north of Columbia City for activity and refreshments. We’ve got 3 hours to climb and hang out in a private area where we can bring our own food and drinks.

Expected cost to be < $21 per person. Should be a great way to have fun while trying something different with your entire gym family! Info and RSVP here.

March News and Events


2017 CrossFit Open!

This is like the Superbowl for CrossFit, except we ALL get to be in the game!!! BOOYA!

We’re going to bring together SODO CrossFit and CrossFit RE for the remainder of the 2017 Open. Tomorrow, March 3 will be held at CFRE. More info here.

***Sign up for a heat here!***

(During Friday Night Lights, the non-host gym will be CLOSED for evening classes.)

Please join us even if you’re not registered for the Open! You can do the WOD, help us judge, and most importantly — cheer people on!!

We’ll also have treats (perfect for post-WOD), and non-alcoholic beverages. BYOB if that’s your jam!

Performance and Recovery

The Open is a perfect time to talk about performance and recovery! We recommend plenty of sleep and water, hot epsom salt baths, as well as the following supplements:

  • protein and glycodrive (carbs) post-WOD
  • fish oil daily with a meal
  • BCAA’s before, during, and after your workout (mix with pre-WOD if you need an extra kick of energy!)
  • creatine post-WOD
  • Nighttime Recovery (ZMA)

We carry both Driven and Advocare brands. Ask your coach for recommendations if you have questions!

Hand Care

We also started carrying Doc Spartan hand-care products for when you do tear. Both products are quick-healing ointments that get you back on your workouts faster (just different application styles). We swear by this stuff! (It even works great for super chapped lips!)

March Events:

Friday 3/3: Friday Night Lights at CrossFit RE, Open Workout 17.2 (More info here.)

Friday 3/10: Friday Night Lights at SODO CrossFit, Open Workout 17.3 (A combined workout and Happy Hour!!! Facebook event coming soon!)

Friday 3/17: Friday Night Lights at CrossFit RE, Open Workout 17.4

Friday 3/24: Friday Night Lights at SODO CrossFit, LAST Open Workout 17.5

We’re going to celebrate the end of the Open with a big party, including music, food, drinks, and awards!!! Awards are including, but not limited to:

  • Best Playlist
  • Most Likely to go to the games (as a spectator)
  • Most likely to hit their shins on a box jump
  • Best Dressed
  • Rhabdo Award (who does the workouts the most often?!?
  • Got their first muscle up award
  • Top Male
  • Top Female
  • Most inspiring performance
  • Most improved

So come ready to win … something. 😉

February News and Events


Open prep

Training has been BRUTAL lately, amiright?!? And don’t we all kind of love it? 😉

We have more Driven products coming in soon — take care of your body and RECOVER well. Please reach out if you’re not sure what you sure be taking.

We also have some hand-care products coming. If your hands have been sore, or have torn, these will change your life!

And if you haven’t already heard us talking about it incessantly, the CrossFit Open is a chance to push yourself to the next level and try things you haven’t had a reason to try yet. And it is SO flipping fun!!! Here are some reasons why you should join us: “Five Reasons to Compete When You Know You Won’t Win”

Oly!!! (Snatch and Clean & Jerk)

Reminder that we have Oly classes two days a week!
@CFRE, Wednesdays 8-9pm
@SODO CFE, Saturdays 9:30-11am

Members have really been enjoying the accessory work and the chance to refine these complicated lifts! Try out one of these classes!

Also join us for our second Olympic Lifting seminar on February 26! We’ll work on both the snatch and the clean & jerk and will do a personalized video analysis of each lift to help you visually see where you can make improvements! An amazing opportunity!!! (You can attend this seminar even if you missed the first one. Links to sign up below.)

February Events:

Friday 2/10: (SODO) Happy Hour — 6pm @ Two Beers (Get more info and RSVP for Happy Hour here)

Saturday 2/11: (RE) Our first Start Strong group of 2017 is graduating at 8am! Be sure to congratulate them when you come in for that 9am CF class.

Saturday 2/11: (SODO) WBBC Bring a Friend Day! A great intro to fitness in general. Come and bring a friend! (RSVP for Bring a Friend Day here)

Saturday 2/11: Trident Open — Cheer on Coach Amanda (and possibly Coach Hanna)!!!! (More info on the Trident meet here.)

Tuesday 2/14: (RE) Fundamentals classes begin — A great place for beginners to start, and a great place for regulars to get refreshers. (More info on Fundamentals here.)

Saturday 2/18: (SODO) WBBC Troop 20 graduates!

Thursday 2/23: Kickoff of the CrossFit Open!!!! (Register for the Open here.)

Friday 2/24: First Friday Night Lights of the Open!! Every Friday evening at both gyms, we will be running the Open workouts back-to-back starting at the regular class time. You will have an opportunity to sign up for a FNL time slot each week. (Morning and noon classes will not be affected.) It will be a super fun chance to work out, hang out, and cheer each other on!!

Saturday 2/25: (SODO) WBBC Troop 21 Enlistment Day! Tell your friends! (They can even just send us a message on Facebook!)

Sunday 2/26: 10am-noon, Oly seminar #2! (Details above.)
Sign up here if you’re on file at SODO.
Sign up here if you’re on file at RE.

January News and Events


Last week of HoliGainz, moving into Open prep

This coming week is benchmark week — a chance to see HoliGainz progress and also to establish your baseline numbers for “Open” prep.

The CrossFit Open is a chance to compete with every other CrossFit athlete worldwide. We’ll talk about this more in the next couple months, but a good place to start is with this article.

New Schedule

Dual memberships begin! Starting on the 9th, your membership is good at both CrossFit RE and SODO CrossFit. We’ve also added an Olympic lifting class on Wednesday nights at RE, and Saturday mornings at SODO. This is included in your membership!! Take advantage of a chance to really dive into and refine all the nuances of the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Christmas Orders

Hats are on the way. Wrist wraps are in production. Next year we’ll order in October. 😛

January Events:

Monday 1/2: Normal schedule

Monday 1/2: Nutrition Challenge begins!!!! It’s not too late to join. Text Darrick if you’re interested: 206-255-9430. First weigh-in is Monday!!! After that, weigh-ins will be Tuesday and Friday of every week. Keep your eyes on the private group for more info and lots of helpful tips.

Tuesday 1/3: January Start Strong begins! No more 7am/7pm CrossFit classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Monday 1/9: Dual memberships begin

Wednesday 1/11: First Olympic lifting class! 7-8pm at CFRE

Monday 1/16: MLK Day: regular schedule

Sunday 1/22: noon-2pm FIRST OLY SEMINAR! If you would like some super focused attention on your Olympic Lifts, this is for you! $50 — email BeckyJo to sign up (